Polarization Maintaining Passive Double-cladding Fiber
Everfoton's panda type Polarization Maintaining Passive Double-cladding Fiber, adopting core and stress rod manufactured through the advanced PCVD process, has accurate refractive index distribution and excellent geometric and birefringent properties. Using special coating with a low refractive index, high NA (numerical aperture > 0.46) double-cladding transmission is achieved. Meanwhile, large mode field diameter ensures good connection with other passive double-cladding fibers, and perfectly matches PM ytterbium doped fiber, which is very helpful to ultrafast laser processing and reducing high pulse nonlinear effect.
  • Precise control of geometric parameters

  • Excellent birefringence

  • Matching active ytterbium-doped polarization-maintaining fiber with good fusion compatibility

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  • Chirped pulse amplification
  • Second harmonic generator
  • Single-frequency narrow linewidth amplifier
  • Frequency doubling
Fiber Type GDF_DC 5/125-0.12(PM) GDF_DC125/400-0.075(PM) GDF_DC 20/400-0.065(PM) GDF_DC 25/250-0.065(PM)
Part No. DG1118-H DG1118-I DG1118-G DG1118-F
Optical Properties
Core NA 0.12 0.075±0.005 0.065±0.005 0.065±0.005
Inner Cladding NA ≥0.46 ≥0.46 ≥0.46 ≥0.46
Birefringence Index 2.5×10-4(Typical) 3×10-4(Typical) 4×10-4(Typical) 2.5×10-4(Typical)
Cladding Attenuation@1095nm (dB/km) ≤10.0 ≤15.0 ≤15.0 ≤15.0
Geometrical Properties
Core Diameter (µm) - 11.0±1.0 20.0±1.5 25.0±1.5
Cladding Diameter (µm) 125.0±1.0 125.0±1.0 400.0±5.0 247.0±3.0
Coating Diameter (µm) 345.0±10.0 245.0±10.0 550.0±15.0 395±15
Proof Test (kpsi) ≥100 ≥100 ≥100 ≥100


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