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The Portable Long-range Laser Cleaning System

A portable laser cleaning system with a fiber laser source can provide high or moderate peak power for various cleaning applications.  The fiber laser beam can remove surface layers and contamination from the surface without damaging the base material, and this cleaning process is appropriate for both metals and hard materials. The laser and processing parameters, i.e., average/peak power, frequency, and speed, can be optimized to enable the laser equipment to achieve good results in different types of applications such as paint stripping, removal of iron rust, sheet metal welding, metal surface processing and coating peeling. It may be used to clean some products including electronics, communication equipment, integrated circuits, powerlines, computer components, and electrical appliances.

The laser source and controller are housed in robust waterproof housing for maximum protection against harsh environments and rough use. A fiber cable routes the laser beam to the cleaning head equipped with a focusing lens. The complete equipment is air-cooled, free-standing, portable and mobile (the laser linear distance is 50-200m). This system has several advantages over conventional cleaning, that is:

  • No chemicals involved – eco-friendly.
  • The laser can operate for an extended period without maintenance.
  • Capable of working in a dirty and challenging environment.
  • Clean and easy process.
  • Fast processing speed.
  • Excellent result.
  • Cost-effective.