Polarization-maintaining Ytterbium-doped Fiber
Everfoton's panda type Polarization-maintaining Ytterbium-doped Fiber, based on advanced PCVD and MCVD technologies, has excellent geometric and birefringent properties, which can effectively reduce the nonlinear effect in the optical system. As a gain fiber, it has high optical conversion efficiency and outstanding beam quality, which is widely used in ultrashort pulse precision processing, lidar and other fields.
  • Precise control of geometric parameters

  • Excellent birefringence

  • High laser conversion efficiency

  • Excellent beam quality

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  • Ultrashort pulse fiber amplifier and fiber laser
  • Lidar
  • Laser range finding
  • Continuous fiber amplifier and fiber laser
Fiber Type YDF_DC 25/250(PM) YDF_DC 30/250(PM)
Part No. YD1111-F YD1111-E
Optical Properties
Operating Wavelength (Yb3+) (nm) 1030 - 1115 1030 - 1115
Cladding Attenuation@1095nm (dB/km) <20 <20
Cladding Pump Absorption@915nm (dB/m) 1.6±0.2 1.8±0.2
Cladding Pump Absorption@975nm (dB/m) 4.8 5.3
Core NA 0.06±0.01 0.06±0.01
Inner Cladding NA ≥0.46 ≥0.46
Geometrical Properties
Core Diameter (µm) 25±2.5 30±2
Inner Cladding Diameter (µm) 250±8 250±8
Coating Diameter (µm) 395±15 395±15
Inner Cladding Shape (N/A)  Circular Circular
Proof Test (kpsi) 100 100



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