Laser Anti-freezing Guide
2022-05-04 208second

The normal operating ambient temperature of the laser is required to be between 5 ℃ and 40 ℃. Beyond this range, the operation stability of the laser will be affected, and the laser will be damaged in worse cases.

During the holiday season, if the ambient temperature of the equipment can be maintained above 5℃, the laser equipment needs no special protection and can be switched on or shut down. If the ambient temperature is below 5℃, you need to discharge the water from the laser and water cooler to avoid low temperature causing the laser, water cooler and external optical path lens to freeze.

Anti-freezing measures

1. In the case of no local power failure, if the minimum temperature of the equipment is between -10℃ and 0℃, the internal temperature of the laser can be kept be above 0℃ by keeping the water cooler that supplies water to the laser mainframe and QBH running.

2. In cities with low temperature and areas with large temperature difference between day and night, basic anti-freezing measures should be taken before the temperature drops to 10℃.

3. The laser and water cooler are kept on all the time to ensure the circulating flow of cooling water and prevent freezing.

4.If the laser has been off for long in winter, the remaining water in the water pipe of the laser and water cooler should be drained in advance.

5. If the ambient temperature is lower than 0℃, there are no heating facility, frequent power outages, and there is no daily emptying of coolant, professional brand antifreeze should be added in the chiller tank.

6. If the water cooler cannot be left on continuously every day, antifreeze must be used. The proportion of antifreeze must  be appropriate so that the freezing point temperature of antifreeze is 5℃ lower than the minimum environment temperature of the equipment.

7. Emptying the cooling liquid in the laser, laser output head and water cooler after daily use.