Laser Condensation Prevention Guide
2022-05-04 337second

Everfoton's chassis of fiber laser adopts a closed design and is equipped with an air conditioner or dehumidifier to ensure that the components are in a relatively safe environment with stable temperature and humidity. If the chassis is not airtight, the high-temperature and high-humidity air outside can enter the chassis, and condense on its surface when it encounters the internal water-cooled components, causing possible damage. For immediate start of the laser, it is necessary to seal the air-conditioned room, reduce the air circulation inside and outside the room, and check the tightness of the chassis in the following aspects:

◆Whether the chassis doors exist and close;

◆Whether the lifting bolts on the top are tightened;

◆Whether the protective cover of the unused communication control interface at the rear of the chassis is in place and whether the used is communication control interface fixed.

Condensation-prevention measures

1. Set the cooling water temperature of the laser strictly in accordance with the factory temperature.

2. The cooling water temperature of the laser output is 2℃-3℃ higher than the ambient temperature.

3.When the laser starts

◆Turn on the main power supply of the laser (turn on the air conditioner), and the air conditioner will run for about 30 minutes.

◆Start the support water cooler and wait till the water temperature rises to the preset temperature and laser emits light.

4. When the laser stops emitting light, turn off the optical signal and the enabling switch.

◆Turn off the laser power supply after the water cooler is off for 5 to 10 minutes.

◆ Turn off the air conditioner (main power supply) after 30 minutes.

After the laser has been turned off, the water cooler is forbidden to be still running.

In a high temperature environment, to ensure that the external air conditioner works properly, clean the air conditioner filter regularly to ensure the equipment works properly.