750W QCW Air-cooled Fiber Laser
Everfoton's Air-cooled QCW Fiber Laser feathers multiple control modes, enabling continuous/quasi-continuous free switching and customer-defined pulse waveform output. The laser output energy is stable, which is suitable for wide pulse and high peak out power applications. It is a perfect replacement for traditional YAG lasers and easier to maintain.
  • Build-in pulse editing software

  • Multiple brightness options available

  • Precision controls on pulse energy and pulse counts

  • Stable power at wide operating temperature range

  • 48 VDC or 24 VDC input options

  • +86-27-65271788

  • sales@everfoton.com

  • Excellent replacement for YAG laser
  • Jewelry processing
  • Spot welding on electronics
  • Ceramic scribing
Product Code FFRQ-75/750-P
Optical Parameters
Operating Mode CW/Modulated
Max Continuous Power (W) 120
Max Pulse Average Power (W) 75
Max Peak Power (W) 750
Max Pulse Energy (J) 7.5
Pules Width (ms) 0.01 - 50
Peak Power Tunability (%) 10 - 100
Beam Quality BPP (mm × mrad) < 3.0
Output Power Instability 25℃ (%) <1.5 (2 hours)
Emission Wavelength (nm) 1080±5
Spectrum Width FWHM (nm) <4
Modulation Frequency (kHz) 50
Red Laser Power (μW) > 200
Fiber Delivery Cable Parameters
Output Type RQB
Length (m) 3
Core Diameter (μm) 50
Minimum Bending Radius (mm) 200
Electrical Characteristics
Operating Voltage (V) 42 - 55 DC
Max Power Consumption (kW) 3
Control Mode RS232,AD, I/O
Other Characteristics
Cooling Method Air Cooled
Dimensions (mm) W325 x D348 x H133
Weight (kg) 10