Power Delivery Fiber Coating
Everfoton power delivery fiber coating uses large-core diameter fibers with specialized profile design for energy delivery.Through precise polishing,high-quality cleaning,and targeted coating curve design,it can achieve high power,high transmittance and low heat absorption fiber coupling.It is suitable for application scenarios such as industrial laser pump,LiDAR,aesthetic medicine,and fiber optic sensing.
  • Polishing: Special polishing technology, without scratches and chipping on the fiber core and cladding

  • Cleaning: High-efficiency cleaning technology, eliminating liquid residue and reducing contamination on end surface

  • Coating: Professional coating design reducing reflection and improving light transmission efficiency

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  • Pump tail fiber output
  • Medical laser equipment output
  • LiDAR transmission
  • Fiber optic sensor
Performance Parameters Remaks
Specifications Fiber Single/Multi mode,SI105/125,SI135/155,SI200/220,SI400/440,etc. Customizable
Stripping length 6~23mm,Typical precision ± 0.5mm,highest precision ± 0.3mm Customizable
Total length 0.3~3.2m,Typical precision ± 10mm,highest precision ± 0.5mm Customizable
Coating type AR,RE,AR&RE Customizable
Coating parameters




End face cleanliness

Core layer area,Not accepted>1μm particles and scratches;

Cladding area,Not accepted>2μm particles and scratches;

Coating,no scratches,damages,or glue contamination

End face angle ≤1° -
Side film length AR film:<3mm ; RE film:<10mm ; AR&RE film:<10mm -
Boil test 120±2℃,8Hr -
Film stability 20times 3M adhesion -
Damage threshold