4000W - 6000W CW Fiber Lasers
Everfoton 4000W - 6000W CW Fiber Lasers are designed to deliver the best performance on metal cutting, welding, and drilling applications based on its unique features such as high back reflection resistance, high wall plug efficiency, and compact design. 50μm/100μm high brightness output option can accelerate the cutting of thin metal. Larger beam spot option enables excellent quality cutting of thick metals.
  • High wall-plug efficiency

  • Multi-stages anti-back reflection protections

  • Flat top energy distribution

  • Less spatter in welding

  • Maintaining thin plate cutting speed and medium and thick plate cutting quality

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  • Sheet metal machining-cutting
  • Welding
Product Code FFSC-4000 FFSC-6000
Optical Parameters
Output Power (W) 4000 6000
Operating Mode CW/Modulated
Polarization State Random
Output Power Tunability (%) 10 - 100
Beam Quality BPP (mm x mrad) < 4.0
Output Power Instability 25℃ (%) < 2 (2 hours)
Emission Wavelength (nm) 1080±5
Spectrum Width FWHM (nm) <4
Modulation Frequency (kHz) 5
Red Laser Power (μW) > 200
Fiber Delivery Cable Parameters
Output Type QBH
Length (m) 20
Core Diameter (μm) 50/100
Minimum Bending Radius (mm) 200
Electrical Characteristics
Operating Voltage (VAC) 340 - 420, 3P5W 50/60Hz
Max Power Consumption (kW) 12 18
Control Mode RS232/AD/Ethernet
Other Characteristics
Cooling Method Water Cooled
Water-cooling Temperature (℃) 25±1
Dimensions (mm) W600 x D750 x H650 (Not include lights)

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