30000W CW Fiber Laser
Everfoton's 30000W CW Fiber Laser is designed to deliver the best perfor­mance on metal cutting, welding, and drilling based on its unique features such as high back reflection resistance, high wall plug efficiency, and compact design. Flat top beam enables excellent-quality cutting and welding of thick sheet metals.
  • High wall-plug efficiency

  • Flat top beam option

  • Multi-stages anti-back reflection protection

  • Compact design with small footprint

  • Less spatter in welding

  • High efficiency in cutting thick sheet metals

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  • sales@everfoton.com

  • Sheet metal machining-cutting
  • Welding
Product Code FFSC-30000
Optical Parameters
Output Power (W) 30000
Operating Mode CW/Modulated
Polarization State Random
Output Power Tunability (%) 10 - 100
Beam Quality BPP(mm x mrad) 5.0 - 7.0
Output Power Instability 25℃ (%) <2 (2 hours)
Emission Wavelength (nm) 1080±5
Spectrum Width FWHM (nm) 5 - 8
Modulation Frequency (kHz) 5
Red Laser Power (μW) > 200
Fiber Delivery Cable Parameters
Output Type Q+/LOE
Length (m) 25
Core Diameter (μm) 150
Minimum Bending Radius (mm) 200
Electrical Characteristics
Operating Voltage (VAC) 340 - 420, 3P5W 50/60Hz
Max Power Consumption (kW) 100
Control Mode RS232/AD/Ethernet
Other Characteristics
Cooling Method Water Cooled
Water-cooling Temperature (℃) 25±1
Dimensions (mm) W1030 x D850 x H1100 (Not include lights)

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