1500W High-brightness, Continuous Wave, Narrow Line Width, Fiber Laser
Everfoton's Narrow Linewidth Fiber Laser adopts single cavity or MOPA structure and can achieve over 1.5 kW single-mode fiber laser output. The high-power fiber laser output has excellent beam quality. With compact design and light weight, the product is suitable for high-power beam combination, long-distance and nonlinear frequency conversion transmission.
  • Its high power High-brightness output is based on single cavity / MOPA technology

  • Narrow linewidth

  • High-quality beam

  • High-power beam combination

  • +86-27-65271788

  • sales@everfoton.com

  • Scientific research
  • High power beam combination
Product Code FFRC-1500-NLW
Operating Mode
Operating Mode CW/Modulated
Output Power (W) > 1500
Polarization State Random
Output Power Tunability (%) 10 - 100
Beam Quality M2 <1.2
Output Power Instability 25℃ (%) <2 (2 hours)
Emission Wavelength (nm) 1050<λ<1090
Center Wavelength Tolerance (nm) ±0.25
Spectral Width FWHM (nm) <1.0
Modulation Frequency (kHz) 5
Red laser Power (μW) > 200
Fiber Delivery Cable Parameters
Output Type QBH/Bare Fiber
Length (m) 5
Core Diameter (μm) 20
Minimum Bending Radius (mm) 200
Electrical Characteristics
Operating Voltage (VAC) 200 - 240, 1PH 50 / 60Hz
Max Power Consumption (kW) 5
Control mode  Serial Communication / AD
Other Characteristics
Cooling Method Water Cooled
Water-cooling Temperature (℃) 25±1
Dimensions (mm) W482x D575 x H133 (Include handles)

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